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The new workplace experience

The future of workplace

An amazing workplace designed to develop your creativity & success.

Next generation workplaces

La Maison ("The Home" in French) is a disruptive hacker house concept created by our engineers and Xavier Niel.
We created a cutting-edge, motivating and inspiring environment to build a driving atmosphere letting our residents feel like at home in the most beautiful buildings around the world.
Forget the big and noisy openspace with grey carpet and dropped ceiling. La Maison workplaces are composed of up to 15 differents rooms and patios that can welcome up to 20 positions, each one with its own atmosphere and rules.

Everything at your fingertip

La Maison offers to residents a wide range of services to provide a truly enjoyable experience : concierge & laundry services, bedrooms, on-site fitness center with our coach Hamza, a real bar with beers, wines, fresh organic juices, detox waters and up to than 5 coffee varieties with Imed our fabulous in-house barman, breakfast service, and much more.

Made for creativity & innovation

By joining La Maison, you are not an employee going to the office, but a resident going at home. La Maison aims to transform the way our teams work daily by bringing the best skills together in a totally flex-office environnement. More than 60% of La Maison workplaces are made to live, chill and meet. Work hard, play hard, chill hard.

The future of organization

A true social experience letting residents connect and work together to innovate daily.

Come as you are

At La Maison, we don't care about working-hours, and other dark age tracking methods, what matters is what you get done, not the way you do it.
There is no room for ego and individualism. The Scaleway culture is composed of strong values: work together, share with others, listen to everyone.
Transparency is our key value: there is no holiday validation, expense account validations and supplier orders are public internally.

Product oriented teams

La Maison’ residents are organized in small, totally autonomous and product oriented teams. We have more than 80 different job positions, up to 20 products teams, each organised as autonomous startups.
We perform a smart team mix allowing each resident to move to a new product team if he choose to. You will never need to resign to do something else.
Startups inside the startup.

Made to share

At la Maison, you will engage with all residents through various activities & events: team-building, meetups, products birthday, residents birthday, etc. Each Scaleway resident have to work two days per month for the company activities.

Currently, La Maison Paris & Lille are open and provide up to 6 co-working positions for our customers, partners and friends.

Benefits & Perks

The best workplace you ever worked at.

And more…

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