Apply at Scaleway, Join La Maison

All the interview process & response is done in under 24-hours

To get started, simply submit your application. We will then contact you to schedule your on-site interview.If you need to plan a trip to pass your interview, we will reimburse travel expenses. Our interview scheduler will email you the instructions on how to book your travel arrangements.

Find your way

Booked your interview at La Maison? It's now time to find La Maison' Paris location by yourself before coming to your on-site interview.
Note that the on-site interview will not exceed 6 hours.

Meet our People Team

Well, it's the big day! When you arrive at La Maison, you are welcomed by People teams who confirms your eligibility and talks about the role with you.
During this interview, be ready to discuss about yourself, skills and expertise.

The Entry Game

Know what Escape Game are? Imagine the opposite: discover Entry Game. Entry Game is a physical adventure game where you have to solve a serie of technical challenges to succeed with a team of 4 people.
During the game, you are assisted by a game master who helps you by giving you multiple clues.

Meet your teammates

During this interview, you discuss about your projects and work experiences. It is the perfect time to demonstrate your technical knowledges using different exercices.
You will exchange about the most challenging projects you realized in specific terms. Try to come up with as many cases as possible.

Meet Product Managers

Looks like the end is not far away, it's time to meet a Product Manager. This interview is mainly about our products. You will be challenged about you as a whole and your ability to adopt La Maison philosophy.

Sign you contract

We have probably the fastest response rate on earth. During this step, our People Team meets you to announce the final decision, if everything went fine, you will get your contract ready to sign.
It's the last step to get your visa for La Maison. During this part you will also discuss about your interview experience to help us make it always better.

On boarding

Congratulations! You're officially a La Maison resident and we are happy to have you on board.
During your first week as a resident, you will meet all our teams and visit a our hyperscale facilities. This week is made to give you a good overview of all Scaleway activities and get a better overview of our daily environment and interactions.